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Facebook Cover Photo

My mom asked me to help her design a Facebook cover photo and a promotional banner for one of the many organizations she is a part of that targets methods to help entrepreneurs enhance their online presence. There were specific design requirements for the Facebook cover photo and for the banner, such as having her name, her picture, and their tagline to get potential members to be interested in learning more.

Visit her website at michellessimplesuccess.com

Rayna Costello Photography

My good friend Rayna who started her own photography business had asked me if I could design her a new logo and business card to freshen up her branding look. Using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Canva, I created two business card samples with her choosing the first option.


We are discussing a possible website redesign as well in the near future.

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Holly Carr Photography

I was contacted on Instagram by Holly at Holly Carr Photography to help her design a logo and business card for her business. I created two business card samples and she chose the first one as her design for her new business cards. More information about logo process found on the Graphic Design Page.

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Holly Carr Business Card #2