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Budzie Photography

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Need to capture a special, memorable moment with your furry friend? This talented photographer at Budzie Photography has got you covered!

The founder of Budzie was hoping to update her logo to a more minimalistic style with script font with a small paw print for the "i". Budzie was named after her dog, Dakota, an American Sheopard, so I altered a clipart image of a dog head and created a replica of Dakota, incoperating his uniquely coloured eyes! I had a lot of fun with this project and I hope to work with Budzie again in the future.

Budzie Logo (text)
Budzie Logo (image)
Sia & Pen Logo

Sia & Pen

Just a mom crocheting between naps & tantrums... but she's great at it! My talented cousin, owner of Sia & Pen, creates adorable amigurumi and crocheted bits & bobs targeted towards infants and toddlers and also cozy hats and mittens, and even beach wear for everyone of all ages!

Check out her Instagram page to view more of her amazing work!

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Owner has since changed logo.

Rayna Costello Photography

My friend Rayna had asked me to redesign her logo for her photography business, and she liked the idea of having a minimal logo but also adding some fun elements to it to make it unique and reflect her personality. She was a fan of the colour purple, so I made sure to include that colour theme in the designing process.

The first logo is a minimal sharp design meant to be more

professional in the sense of its clear and distinguished design.

The second logo is meant to be more fun and out-there while

keeping the minimalistic theme.

Rayna C. Photography chose the first logo design as their

promotional logo.

Rayna Logo 2
Rayna Logo 1
Joy of Reading Logo

Joy of Reading Celebration

After my employment at the Burk's Falls Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library ended in 2019, the CEO of the library had asked me to help the Joy of Reading Celebration Committee create a website, logo, and social media to promote the event.


Using inspiration from the Forest of Reading organization, I created a logo that symbolizes the love reading in Northern Ontario communities that attracts both young and older readers!

Holly Carr Photography

I was contacted by Holly at Holly Carr Photography to design a logo and business cards for her photography business. She requested a simple logo with a camera scheme and her colour palette choice was light grey and lime green.

Holly Photography Logo

Owner has since changed logo.

BFPL Seed Library Logo

Burk's Falls Seed Library

  • Instagram

During my employment at the Burk's Falls Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library, I was asked by my CEO to create a logo for a program the library has called the Burk's Falls Seed Library that offers a seed swap and exchange opportunity for the gardeners in the community.


I had found an image on Google that able to be used without copyright infractions and using Adobe photoshop, I made it so the blue figure is planting flowers - keeping to the "blue figure" logo theme the library has for their original logo.

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