Burk's Falls Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library

I was employed by the Burk's Falls Public Library for nearly four years, starting as a volunteer and then making it to the Program Coordinator & Tech Support position. My job was to plan and hold children and teen programs as well as arrange technology lessons with patrons struggling with their devices. 


I was also in charge of updating the website and social media channels. In January 2019, the program we had used to update our website was changed, and it was no longer meeting requirements that our website needed to meet.

Summer 2019 was the first time I was able to design the new website for the library - my first big project. After many revisions and different design layouts, we settled on a simple layout that was AODA compliant and with a easy-navigation for simplicity and user experience purposes.

The staff at the library are making constant changes to their new website and know how to do so thoroughly after I walked through steps and taught them.

Joy of Reading Celebration

Through working at the Burk's Falls Public Library, I was a part of an organization that created a free, family event that encourages everyone of all ages to keep reading and enjoy the joy of reading. I was the photographer at the first event in 2019 and I also designed the tickets and posters for the event. 

In November 2019, I was approached by the committee to see if I could design a website for them as well as revisit my responsibilities from the year prior. I got right to work.

I designed the promotional material for the April 2020 event as well as a brand new, AODA compliant website that attracts adults and children all in one place.

Perry Township Public Library

In late 2019, I was contacted by the librarian of the Perry Township Public Library in Emsdale, Ontario, who was inquiring about me designing her a new website-- similar to the Burk's Falls Public Library. This library did not have social media besides Facebook, so I started an Instagram and YouTube to promote the library's services and programs. Throughout the web designing and social media marketing process, we met and had designing meetings and one-on-one lessons to teach her how to self-operate her new web design and manage her social media!

Yoga Art Music | Corrine Penstone

I met the owner and founder of this amazing business through working at the Burk's Falls Public Library. She took notice of my work with designing the library's website and wanted me to assist her with designing her current website. 

I immediately got to work, and that became my first client for my freelance web designing career. After arranging a meeting to discuss design and what she wanted, I got to work. She had created her website using Wix, so I redesigned the website and making the changes she requested and added features for her to customize. I loved the collaboration I got to experience with her, and she opened my eyes to meeting with clients and really working with them to help create their vision for their business. 

She has since redesigned her website to a way she prefers.

iCo-op Project | Georgian College

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my summer co-op term at Georgian College was transferred online which at first was a struggle, but it turned out to be a great learning experience. I had searched for a co-op placement throughout the school year, but once the pandemic spread to Canada, a lot of the job postings where cancelled due to business closures.


As a result, I was without a co-op until the Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation offered various co-op positions as part of a pilot version of an iCo-op experience. This consisted of a large group of students in various programs such as computer studies and business studies, that attended weekly webinars about the Design Thinking Process which allowed us to get our minds thinking like designers and entrepreneurs. 

The large group was then split into five small groups that each had projects and tasks to complete while working with clients with small businesses. My group's client was the dean of the Design & Visual Arts Department and we were asked to find an unique way to promote the programs within the department utilizing web design and digital marketing to increase enrollment numbers within the programs. My task was to design a prototype of a website that would assist with promoting these programs. I had created a hard-coded website as well as the one in the image above.

I replicated the format of the Georgian College website following brand guidelines.

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